My goals with this blog…..

I have always felt that forwarding political information through e-mails to family and friends can be, at times, to some, not appropriate.  I often think and feel that some do not wish to necessarily accept, want to read or otherwise be shifted towards the view I am beginning to form on our Republic….even though it is my wish that they have some of this information so they may form their own opinions and share the information with their family and friends, I often do not forward the information and if I do, it is in a very limited manner.  That thought, could be the very reason that most Americans, busy with the business of life, do not get the real news.  The dots are not connected as we are not connected with what has happened, is happening and may happen.
 So goes my thought to set-up a blog site and thereby giving me the ability to give the blog site address out to family and friends that may wish to log on when they feel they want to take a glimpse inside my head to the information that I have research, wish to share, wish to forward, etc.
I have, since November 2009, spent a considerable amount of time learning, reading, researching the political landscape, and literally taking notes (enough to fill up three note books) on both the recent past as well as the current political landscape.  As it all started with my Tea Party parental unit, my quest for this information will go on and my sincere hope is that it will be shared.
Posted here will be important election and political information, grassroots style both local, regional and national that I have access to, have been directed towards from my research pursuits or has been forwarded to me.
The information is available, easily available, and it is our responsibility to obtain it, read it and make very informed choices about who we send to represent us.  Please consider not the popular choices as so often “chosen” for us by the slanted media outlets, but the right choices as we have unfortunately “given a pass to our politicians’ irresponsibility for far too long.” (2011, Beck, Charles).
Yours in maintaining our freedom and liberty, Kimberly Reed

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