“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

1, Barry/Obama made a PC (politically correct) and opportune racially motivated
judgment to become African American at some time and not Indonesian as Barry Soetoro, for his future runs in U. S. political elections. Barry/Obama has perpetrated, portrayed and perpetuated himself as African American, the son of a British/Kenyan subject. Although, neither his Indonesia nor the American colony somehow, someway got ignored by the fact he is the illegitimate child citizen of a Kenyan/British adulterer; the U.S. Constitution precisely defines him as a “No Person”, and uniquely unqualified as a marauder and alien against everything the U. S. Constitution established and stands for!

2, The U.S. Congress and Senate as all fifty states have no autonomous right of naturalization to alter any facts, a place of birth or to make a foreigner’s illegitimate child “a natural-born Citizen” proscribed by Section 1 of Article II of the U.S. Constitution that denies Obama his eligibility to be elected president. Obama is defined as a “No Person” wherever he was born and changed his name to or from whatever it is now.

3, Unequaled by today’s low moral standards and laws, Obama’s unmarried mother born 11/18/1942 at 17 was inseminated by a twenty five year old married man born 6/18/1936 at 25 with a wife and children back in Kenya at the time. Oops that was Obama’s claimed biological father, he wrote a book about. Making Obama the illegitimate child of a British /Kenyan foreign adulterer; that confirms Obama a child of polygamy! Defined as a child whose birth lacks legal legitimacy, that is born to a woman and a man who were not legally married.

4, Mrs. Ann Soetoro’s illegitimate heretic child was adopted by her husband (not a stepfather) Lolo Soetoro, adapting his son’s surname of Dunham to his own as Barry Soetoro, as a citizen of Indonesia. There Obama read and recited the Koran in the Arabic language at school daily, where his listed faith was Muslim. Fact, Muslims are encouraged and permitted to lie, cheat, steal and financially destroy all infidels (Americans), if it helps the cause of The Nation of Islam. The term used for their deceit is called “taqiyya”. Muslims state, their soul exclusive goal of The Nation Islam is world domination, by any means and force possible, no matter the casualties. And Obama’s heretic allegiance is to Islam, not America or Christianity when Obama states “The Muslim call to prayer, are the sweetest words I have ever heard.” “There is none worthy of being worshipped except Allah.” and this whopper “America is not a Christian nation!”

5, Why would Mrs. Lolo Ann Soetoro born 11/29/1942, mother of Barry Soetoro, ever change her name and her two children’s names (Maya and Barry) one born and schooled as citizens in Indonesia, to a divorced-penniless adulterer and bigamist’s name to a deceased African called Barack H. Obama, because there is no record or recorded claim of it, that exists. It has to be assumed she unwittingly at 17-18 years of age fornicated and was inseminated by a married man with children who adulterated and impregnated her. Because Barry’s mother’s Death Certificate, reads Stanly Ann Dunham, born 11/18/1942 and Mrs. Lolo Ann Dunham Soetoro died of ovarian cancer 11/07/1995 and nowhere does the Death Certificate read Mrs. Barack Ann Dunham Obama or mention it, anywhere, yet!

6, The Law of Nations defines a “parent” as both biological parents if the illegitimate child is to be included by the unwed father especially, where paternity is not in question but acknowledged and established and happens to be in books and used by the child in name. Therein, making and confirming the child of B. H. Obama of Africa, in this case Barack Hussein Obama II assumed himself as a British/Kenyan subject first, not American or Indonesian; who falls under the British Nationality Act, which trumps any American citizenship. Not the change of his Indonesian citizenship as Barry Soetoro, yet?

7, Barry/Obama, in order to circumvent, disobey and disavow the U.S. Constitution retroactively; he needs a constitutional amendment to alter the U.S. Constitution, to be called a “natural born Citizen” by “the charter of supreme law”. Not by any activist judge, not the a full Supreme Court, no appointee and no Presidential Executive Order, by no congressional subcommittee and no third in line presidential vetting by two erroneous letters by Nancy Policy of the DNC et al! Especially the elite Randolph Hurst subversive Pravda/type mass media Alphabet Soup of ABC-CBS-NBC, anti-American subversive subsidiaries and their hacks that occupy an un-American based progressive party of a quota affiliation seduction, in their coronation of Barry/Obama; they print and err as Democratic on the airways they feed, influence and peddle the public’s gullibility.

8, Know (7) is only possible by two thirds majority of the congress and the senate or three quarters of each state’s elected houses; otherwise every law on the books are made worthless, which is the obvious wish of anarchy by the out of control lawless Barry/Obama administration edicts upon America. Barry/Obama remains a “No Person” not a “natural born Citizen” by law and remains unqualified and ineligible to hold office.

9, The above prove beyond a doubt that Barry/Obama is not a legal U. S. citizen, with no need of forged or altered documents he submitted as evidence to elect and now oust him. He is plain and simply not eligible; because he is the illegitimate child of a foreigner, proven by Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse” of Arizona, March 1, 2012; which coincidently remains unchallenged by Barry/Obama. Barry/Obama remains a proven indicted foreign fraud and marauder alien, who should not be allowed to run or hold office or vote himself. Because he is a “No Person” unnatural enigma, who should be put in jail or deported and all his assets seized under RICO, along with the vet forger Nancy Pelosi’s and all their mutual ill-gotten gains.

 from PoetPoet


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