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The failure is of the American people to act on their beliefs and to stop this mess, to hold accountable all domestic enemies within the three branches of our government. To get onto the heads of states to uphold their Oath or be removed, and if found to be a domestic enemy aiding and abetting the destruction of the US – be arrested and prosecuted.
We have a duty to defend our country, our way of life from those trying to destroy it from within.

Unbiased poll, March 24, 2012:
Do you strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, or strongly disapprove of the way Obama is handling his job as President of the uUnited States?
42% Strongly Disapprove
14% Somewhat Disapprove
25% Somewhat Approve
11% Strongly Approve

In general, do you think things in the United States are moving in the right direction, or do you think things in the United States are the moving in the wrong direction?
16% right Direction
55% Wrong Direction
28% Mixed
1% Don’t Know

How concerned are you about consumer privacy?
60% Very Concerned
24% Somewhat Concerned
6% Not at all concerned

If the presidential elections were held today and the candidates were Obama or Ron Paul, who would you vote for?
Obama 31%
Ron Paul 48%
Undecided 21%

How concerned are you right now about increased government spending?
Very concerned 70%
Somewhat concerned 17%
A little concerned 8%
Not concerned 5%

The Virginia Senate has passed a law that forbids authorities in the state from using the ‘indefinite detention’ provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act against Americans. (All states can do this, remember our government was created with limited powers divided between three branches (nor are the allowed to take more powers for themselves (illegal act of domestic enemies to do so), while the states and the people have no limits on their powers except that they meet the Constitution.)
“Today, the Virginia State Senate nearly unanimously passed my bill, HB 1160, to prevent Virginia’s state and local government agencies from cooperating with the federal government in the indefinite detention of Virginians under the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (“NDAA”). I am grateful that the vote in the Senate to accede to the bill as passed by the House of Delegates was 37-1,” said a statement by Delegate Bob Marshall, who was the driving force behind the bill.
“Congress, by including this provision in a must pass bill affecting our Armed Forces, made a terrible mistake in empowering this or any future President and the military to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely, without charges, without the chance to confront their accusers, without legal counsel, and without a trial.”

TSA – Threatens MSM Reporters Over Coverage Of Body Scanner Story; Agency spokesperson “strongly cautioned” journaliststo back off Steve Watson
Two mainstream media reporters have revealed that the TSA has “strongly cautioned” them not to cover the story of an engineer revealing major flaws in the agency’s $1 billion dollar body scanner program.
Now Corbett, who was the first person in the country to sue the TSA over the body scanners, says that two mainstream media journalists have contacted him to make it known that the TSA warned them off the story.
“I’ve been on the phone all day for the last 2 days withreporters and journalists of all kinds,” writes Corbett.
“One South Florida reporter told me that he had been “strongly cautioned” by the TSA not to cover this story. Absolutely unbelievable”
Corbett later updated his post to say that another reporter had also been “strongly cautioned” not to cover the story.
The reporters cite a TSA spokeswoman called Sari Koshetz as the person attempting to intimidate them out of covering the issue. They say that Koshetz described Corbett as someone who “clearly has an agenda” that “should not be aided by the mainstream media”.

“The TSA is clearly no fan of the 4th Amendment, nor of 5th Amendment due process rights, and now this blatant attempt to manipulate the free press with “strong caution” hits at Amendment the First.” writes Corbett on his blog.
“Why strong caution? Are there repercussions for journalists that fail to heed this “advice?” he asks.
“If you’re a journalist who has received any kind of similar warning, please contact me.” Corbett continues. “Everyone else, please take a moment to contact your local mainstream media outlets (Fox, ABC, NBC, CNN, etc.) to request that they cover the original story.”
But, if the TSA doesn’t want the MSM to cover it, there’s probably a reason, so let’s take the battle there!”


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