On Restoring American Individualism

On Restoring American Individualism.

statements from the article…


…disintegration of the ethical basis of the free society

…reinforces the anti-individualist morality that makes the left’s advances possible

…the very meaning of the “entitlement mentality” with which the left seeks to charm America into moral and intellectual submission.

…Those who wish to subvert the American republic, and to undermine its founding documents, have always understood that the primary obstacle is ethical individualism.

…the proposal that society is prior to the individual, that the individual is a product and instrument of the collective.

…Do you exist as a unique, rational being, independently of any community?  Or are you merely an amorphous blob of nothing, to be shaped by your society, and a “free individual” only insofar as you are “creatively” serving the growth of the progressive community that made you?  In political terms, are you, by nature, the master of your “government,” or is it, by nature, your master?




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