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I doubt the courts or legislative bodies will be the source of the final solution. As what is repeated throughout history, there will be a civil uprising of citizens feed up with the abuses of a totalitarian group demanding complete submission to a new social order. The average citizen has not reached that level of outrage yet.
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Today 04:36 AM

Re: “…the major thrust of the jihadists now in America is to engage in a civilizational jihad.” Shortly before his death, it is alleged that Osama Bin Laden had “recanted” against violent acts of terrorism in favor of sending young Muslims to America “in search of a better life.” Bin Laden, that old fox, knew the leftist-liberal-progressive mindset to a tee. He knew his statement and others like it would be seized upon by the hopers-and-dreamers on the left as a pretext for winding down the military “kinetic” phase of operations which so damaged al-Qaeda and other groups. Islamic military doctrine and the Koran urge Muslims to make peace overturns when they are doing poorly on the battlefield, and to use deception and stealth when outright military victories are not possible. That’s exactly what stealth jihad is meant to accomplish. Bin Laden’s veiled message was not to seek peace with the infidel, but to conquer him through subtle, silent means, until such time as the jihad can gather strength and move into the open again. As Steve Emerson, Brigette Gabriel, and many others have documented, that is precisely what is happening.
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Today 03:19 AM

Frank Gaffney specifically names the Muslim Brotherhood as a prime culprit among those engaged in Stealth Jihad. Barack Hussein Obama is doing EVERYTHING he can to support the Muslim Brotherhood in our country and abroad. How are we, Americans, to interpret this? Even the vicious partners of the MB, the Salafists, have felt free to come out of the shadows into the open, as they are about to gain control of Tunisia. Is Barack Hussein helping them, too?
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Today 06:03 AM

Genie Smith
This stealth “civilizational jihad has been going on for a very long time, and has caused many otherwise intelligent people to become belligerent supporters of the religion of peace including top military brass and members of Congress.
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Today 03:40 AM

The tie that bind stealth Jihadists and “progressives” (read, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Marxists, Stateists etc) is the necessity to subvert the Constitution so as to further their agendas. That’s the easiest path to power; just ask Obama or Dalia Mogahed.
Frank Gaffney Jr. is on the front lines along with many other freedom lovers … Lord have mercy upon us.
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Today 05:54 AM
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On wonders how long we can remain a free people, when we have such biased people writing the newspaper stories, presenting “news” on tv, making the movies, and faux news under the guise of comedy?
The assauts are coming from all directions. And George Bush (R) was the first President (that I know of) running around calling Islam the “Religion of Peace”. So how do we win, when we have such lying, deceptive people running our government? We not only have stealth communism, but also stealth Islam. Its the Red/Green alliance. Glenn Beck also talks about it.

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